Physiotherapy Association of British ColumbiaOur experienced Victoria Physiotherapists at the Shelbourne Physiotherapy Cook Street Clinic are all highly skilled in the assessment and management of a broad range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems. Our Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function. They have an advanced understanding about how the body moves, what prevents it from moving well and how to restore strength and mobility.


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy Treatment Shelbourne Physiotherapy Cook StreetPhysiotherapy is an evidence based health care profession that improves your health without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery. Physiotherapy involves using a variety of manual techniques, tools and technology to help your muscles, joints, heart and lungs work to their potential. Physiotherapists are primary care health providers in British Columbia which means that people have direct access to physiotherapy services without the need for a physician’s referral. Physiotherapists are your partner in evaluating and restoring strength, endurance, movement and physical abilities affected by injury, disability or disease. The Physiotherapists at Shelbourne Physiotherapy Cook Street Clinic work closely with your physician to help you manage and prevent many physical problems caused by sport, illness, disease, work related injury, motor vehicle accidents, aging or long periods of inactivity. Physiotherapists work with clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds who are at risk for functional loss of or impaired by a movement dysfunction. The goal of Physiotherapy is to maximize functional independence by promoting, maintaining or restoring physical function, fitness, health  and well being.

What to Expect from a Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy Treatment Cook Street Clinic at Shelbourne PhysiotherapyOur Victoria Physiotherapists employ a comprehensive biomechanical approach, looking at the underlying causes of the injury, not just the injured part. All of the Shelbourne Physiotherapists have an excellent orthopedic knowledge base as reflected by their graduate and post graduate qualifications. Our Victoria Physiotherapists use an educational, hands-on approach in getting you back in shape for a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on long term solutions for pain, therapy and injury prevention. For over fifteen years Shelbourne Physiotherapy has treated patients of all physical fitness levels and all walks of life. We literally understand your pain, and are committed to getting you back to your active lifestyle. At Shelbourne Physiotherapy your treatment is goal oriented. We prioritize your problem areas and determine the treatment or process that will maximize the response to one or several of your problem areas at the same time.

Your treatment and education is based on what is supported in the scientific literature. We treat what is causing your pain, not just the symptoms. This not only provides you with the knowledge to manage your symptoms, but to help prevent their re-occurrence. Your physiotherapist will work closely with your doctors and health other professionals to assist in maximum recovery or prevention.

Our Physiotherapists will:

  • Take a thorough health history of the presenting complaint and any other relevant previous medical history. This includes examining any available x-ray/MRI/CT reports, laboratory tests, medical records and surgical notes.
  • evaluate your level of pain, movement patterns, strength, endurance, joint range of motion, reflexes, sensation, and cardio respiratory status as indicated by the presenting symptoms.
  • Based on this assessment the Physiotherapist will diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan with you to help restore movement and reduce pain and limitations.
  • Employ specific evidence based hands on manual therapy techniques that are suitable for your condition.
  • Physiotherapy treatment can include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, acupuncture or IMS Physiotherapy treatment(Intramuscular Stimulation), spinal traction, electrical modalities such as ultrasound, radial corporeal shockwaves, education and work hardening.
  • Monitor your progress over time and adjust your treatment accordingly.
  • Prepare you for independence with advice on how to manage your condition.

How are Physiotherapists Trained?

Physiotherapy in Canada is currently a University Masters Program requiring a minimum of six years of university training before being able to practice as a Physiotherapist. Many of the Physiotherapists at Shelbourne Physiotherapy have earned relevant undergraduate degrees in Physical Education, Human Kinetics or Kinesiology. All of our Physiotherapists have continued on with post graduate studies in a number of different fields to enhance their expertise.

Shelbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates & Massage is a locally owned health company with 3 locations in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Our clinics offer Physiotherapy, IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) & Dry Needling, Kinesiology, Exercise Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Vestibular, Dizziness & Balance Rehabilitation, Women’s health (peri-partum and incontinence), Acupuncture, HydrotherapyAquatherapy, Pool Therapy, Real Time Ultrasound, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Treatment, Electrical Modalities, Pelvic Floor Physio, Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy, Incontinence Treatment, Sports Physiotherapy, Chronic Pain Treatment,  Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), Aquatic Therapy, Yoga, Yogalates, Clinical Pilates and Custom Knee Bracing, Our clinics are approved providers for WorksafeBC (WCB) Physiotherapy and ICBC Physiotherapy, Kinesiology & Rehabilitation.

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